Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beyond the Big Day: A Pancake Breakfast!

If that gorgeous paper mobile wasn't enough to catch your eye, just wait until you see the rest of this amazing Pancake Breakfast!  

And this perfectly planned palette of blush, yellow, and pale turquoise, combined with the promise of steaming stacks of mini-flapjacks drenched in rich maple syrup is enough to make any Bride-to-be forget all about the wedding day and focus right on combining the elements for the most delightful day-after brunch . . .

Just love the little place card flags topping off those yummy stacks . . .

And a few vintage elements thrown in can give your day that chic retro vibe . . .

Party brought to you via Design Sponge.

Fabulous Vendors:

Event Design: Ashley Meaders of The Flashdance
Photography: Jesse Chamberlin from Our Labor of Love

Ahhhh, a pancake breakfast!  This is just perfect for an intimate day after wedding brunch, a baby or bridal shower, or just a fun Sunday morning with friends, no?  And absolutely the perfect theme for girlfriends looking to toast good news with a glass of bubbly or friends with babies who can't quite make it to the late night cocktails & dinner they once enjoyed so much (present company included:)

Oh, and so I don't forget . . . if you love that paper mobile as much as I do, here's how it's done (courtesy of Grace Bonney):

"The paper mobiles are super easy to make. For the base, just take the inside of an embroidery hoop and cover it tightly with a strip of fabric. The rest of the mobile is made out of paper. Just cut strips of paper, fold them in half and then glue the ends together (it helps if you make a flap at one end).

Combine smaller pieces into bigger pieces for different designs. Once you get all the paper shapes constructed, punch a hole in the top of each one and then hang with twine. You can customize the mobiles by using differently shaped embroidery hoops or by switching up the paper color and twine."

I know it isn't Tuesday, but you know I can't ever resist a good tutorial . . . Photobucket

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