Monday, April 4, 2011

It's time for Easter Eggs!!

Who doesn't love to color Easter eggs?  Whether you have children of your own, or you are just looking to indulge your inner child...there is something terribly thrilling about boiling those eggs every year and dropping that magnificent little dye tablet from your PAAS Easter Egg Kit into the cold water & vinegar mixture.

Here are a few rather grand approaches at the Spring time-honored tradition, to help spark the creativity of your inner-Easter Egg artist.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's tutorial on a clever way to dress up this year's batch, to make your eggs the most sought after treasures in the hunt!

Two kinds of eggs after my very heart...



  1. Those are so pretty, but I need a step by step guide on how to do them. The pics just make me jealous of the talented people who made them!

    Bridget from

  2. Ha ha...stay tuned for a few tutorials, coming your way over the next couple of weeks!!

  3. Hi, since I'm looking to get a jump on Easter egg designing this year since a friend is asking to do it. Can you offer a tutorial (or link) how to make the elaborate styles in the 6th box down? (almost Polish crewel-like!)

    Love these designs. Makes the humble egg feel like a Queen.

  4. Where are the links back to the original sources that you took these pics from?