Friday, April 1, 2011

An April Fool's Delight...

Oh my, I really was going to leave you to your cupcake wrapping but I absolutely HAD to share just one more thing with you this fine Friday.  Nicole over at Tradewind Tiaras put together the most clever little April Fool's Day Neapolitan Ice Cream Party that just might inspire you to play a trick or two on your loved ones before heading into the weekend...

The concept for this April Fool's Day party was that nothing would be quite what it seemed, that everything would have a trick or a twist and fool the eye.  That meant, with a Neapolitan ice cream theme, that everything on the dessert table would look like ice cream...but wasn't.

Maybe...Milkshakes?  (Actually white, chocolate, and strawberry milk, topped with whipped cream and a fondant cherry.)

Probably...Drumsticks?  (Actually cake balls on homemade krumkake miniature cones, decorated to look like the classic Good Humor ice cream treat.)

Ostensibly...Fudgesicles?  (Actually chocolates with a peanut butter filling, sprayed with luster dust to give it a little bit of a frosty look, and nestled in fake ice to help give it some extra realism.)

Presumptively...Scoops of Ice Cream?  (Actually sugar cookies made to look like scoops of ice cream!)

Presumably...Ice Cream Cones?  (These were actually meringues made to look like soft serve ice cream cones.)

Supposedly...Sugar Cookies?  (Ok, so these actually were sugar cookies, but Nicole liked the alliteration!)

How much fun is that?!  Happy April Fool's Day everyone...and good luck with all of your pranks & practical jokes!


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  1. So cute! I love the cake balls! Always looking for new ways to spruce those babies up!


    Bridget from