Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Paper Flower Easter Eggs...

These paper flower adorned Easter Eggs, brought to you by Jessica at Such Pretty Things, are not only lovely to look at...but so simple to make!  I am absolutely in love with the pretty pastels above...but you could most certainly choose any color scheme to fit in with your home decor or Easter Brunch party plans . . .

Difficulty Level: Easy

Supplies you will need:

 ~ hard-boiled, hand blown, paper mâché, or wooden eggs
~ Easter egg dye or acrylic paints in your choice of colors
~ pre-cut paper flowers/stickers (found at major craft retailers)
~ flower punches and your choice of papers (scrapbook, vintage wallpaper, etc...)
~ paper glue or glue gun

1.) Begin by painting your eggs in the color(s) that you want and allow them to dry completely.  They don't need to be perfect because the paint will hardly be seen beneath the paper flowers.

2.) If you are not using pre-made paper flowers (such as Prima) , you will need to punch out a bunch of paper flowers yourself.  The amount you will need will vary depending on the size of your eggs and the size of the flower you are using, but you will need quite a few per egg.

3.) Next, simply glue the paper flowers all around the egg.  I found it helpful to start at one end and work my way down - this ensured that I didn't end up with any awkward "bald" spots.  Allow the eggs to dry.

That's it.  Pretty paper flower covered eggs!

This one is covered with flowers punched out from a variety of vintage wallpaper - a great way to use up your precious scraps!

I love how this one turned out - it's covered in paper Hydrangea petals.

Have fun & stay tuned for more Easter Egg tutorials coming your way in the days ahead!!


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