Friday, April 1, 2011

Bonus Tutorial: DIY Handmade Paper Cupcake Wrappers...

So to 'wrap' up our week of yummy desserts, here is a special Friday edition tutorial of how to dress up your cupcakes, brought to you by the fantastic & talented Judy from Domestic Goddess Adventures....

Difficulty Level: Easy

Items you will need:

~ cupcake liners       
~ double-stick tape                                                                
~ scissors                             
~ decorative papers 
 ~ decorative scissors
~ stamps/ink pad
~ rhinestones, paper flowers, or other embellishments 
~ edge punch 

1.)  Carefully disassemble a cupcake liner, taping it down to a sheet of decorative paper to create a pattern/cut-out.  

2.) Make sure you draw your "rainbow" shape slightly wider than the disassembled cupcake wrapper!  It may take a bit of trial & error until you find the right "rainbow" shaped pattern that will give you the perfect size cupcake wrapper that you are after.  

3.) Now the real fun begins! You can create a ton of different wrappers by tracing and cutting out the "rainbow" design on all sorts of different patterned paper.

You can stamp some...

Embellish a few (use the decorative scissors or an edge punch to create that scalloped look around the top)...

4.) Curve them into shape and adhere them with strong, double-sided tape...

And before you know it, you will have a whole stack of them ready to be filled with cupcakes!

What a wonderful way to spend your weekend!!  Have a great one!!


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