Monday, April 11, 2011

A 'Sprinkle' Baby Shower (Fabulous on a Budget!)

If you have a friend or family member having a second baby, and odds are you do in this wonderful time of baby boom bliss, what better way to celebrate the promise of a new arrival than with a little 'sprinkle' baby shower and a nice glass of bubbly?  What's even better is that, thanks to Paige from Paiges of Style, you can do it all on an extremely friendly budget!


A child's umbrella is perfect for this party theme, and can be found on Amazon for under $13...

The mini pies in mason jars were a piece of cake {or pie} using pre-made mini-pie crusts and frozen mixed berries from Trader Joe’s.  Just scrap the bottom crust of the pie & use a top crust only.  They are tasty and couldn’t be easier!

Clear, glass Christmas ornaments make lovely hanging party decorations.  Perfect for any color scheme & easy to use again and again, they will only run you about $3 for 10 and can be found at your local florist shop year round...

Now this is a tip that has me over the moon.  See that absolutely stunning floral, vintage inspired backdrop that is the perfect touch for your Spring Sprinkle?  It is a shower curtain and from Target no less!  Fabric shower curtains are perfect for the backdrops to your dessert tables for a few reasons:

First, they are 72 inches wide, rather than the standard fabric width of 45 or 54 inches, so they will cover the whole width of the back of most tables. Second, they are already hemmed for you and even have loops at the top so you can easily secure it to a rod to hang without having to break out the sewing machine. And last but not least, you can’t beat the $20 price tag for something that you can reuse in the future!

For that extra Spring touch, using sod on the dessert table gives you that perfect fresh feel and will only cost you about $2.50 a square.

An easy & affordable menu for the party?  A DIY mac and cheese bar with various toppings so each guest can doll up their mac and cheese to their liking. Try bacon, blue cheese, green onions and some more extra sharp cheddar cheese. 

As we've said here before at Juneberry Lane, stocking up your kitchen with neutral serving dishes ensures you that you will never have to buy a specific piece for any of your entertaining needs.  You can use them over & over and not spend a penny ever again...

 A dozen cupcakes from your local grocery store are a steal at around $6.99.  Just dress them up with some simple cupcake wrappers and take the bakery a sample of the color you are using so they can match it perfectly. . .

The total cost for the whole event was less than $200!  What a beautiful way to honor your friend and not break the bank while doing it!!  
– Photography: Carly Taylor

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