Friday, April 8, 2011

Bonus Tutorial: Easter Bunny Garland...

This sweet little bunny garland project was inspired by Martha Stewart's Easter decorating workshop.  And why stick to just the garland when you can make cupcake toppers & snack bag labels too?

Difficulty Level: Easy

Materials You Will Need:
~ Bunny template found here: Martha Stewart's Website
~ Decorative paper to match your home/party decor
~ Scissors
~ Pencil
~ Twine
~ Hole punch

How To Do It:
1. Download Bunny Template from Martha Stewart's Website
2. Trace Bunny to Scrapbook paper (repeat this step as often as you need to make a garland length to fit your desired area)
3. Cut out Bunnies
4. Punch 2 holes at the center of the head on each bunny...side by side and about an inch apart.
5. Weave twine through bunny holes

And there you have it!!



  1. i love this idea! it would work for so many holidays! I did something similar to this for the boys 4th birthday party. I just used various sizes of circle punches(2in, 1.5in, 1in) with scrapbook paper and used the sewing machine to attach them all! so easy and such awesome results!

  2. That sounds so cute, Melissa! I bet your boys have wonderful birthday parties! I would love to see a picture if you have one!!