Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's Take This Outside

Spring is here, summer is upon us . . . and as we head into the weekend I thought it best to brighten our outlook on the days ahead with a glimpse of all that the next few months have to offer.

Feeling stodgy and stuffed inside after a long, cold winter?  Well, it's time to pack up a few beautiful things you have collecting dust around the house.  And you don't have to take them far, because out in your own backyard lies the promise of a vintage & rustic breath of fabulous dinner party fresh air...

And just imagine the glorious lanterns you could make with those old baby food jars you have lying around...

Why don't we just make it a picnic?

There now...aren't you just feeling more refreshed already?  What's a few more days of gloom when you have all of this to look forward to?

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