Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Paper Pinwheels

What's whirly & whimsical and just plain wonderful?  Well, these playful paper pinwheels, that's what!  They are oh-so-easy to assemble and can be used for such a multitude of decorations, that I thought this would be the perfect late June tutorial to usher in the very midst of summer!


Difficulty Level: easy
Supplies you will Need:

~ a bunch of cheap yellow pencils (you can sharpen and reuse them in September!)  You can fancy things up a bit with different patterned pencils...just be sure they have an eraser!!
~ scissors
~ pretty sewing pins
~ double-sided paper (stock up at your local scrapbooking store)

Here's how it's done . . .

1. Cut your paper into 4×4″ squares. (5×5″ makes a slightly larger, equally cute pinwheel . . .just play around a bit to see what size works for your project!)

2.) Next, make 4 diagonal cuts toward the center. Stop about an inch shy. No need to get too specific with measurements, just eyeball it.

2. Gently fold pieces to the left of each cut toward the center. Hold firm with your thumb.

3. Press pin through center, being careful to catch all 4 corners.

4. When the pin reaches the other side, bend it into a 90 degree angle. (Hint: I actually poked mine straight through the pencil eraser first, then bent down. It doesn’t matter how you bend it…As long as you get the job done.)

5. Press pin firmly through top of pencil eraser.

6. Give it a whirl! 

Pinwheel Tutorial Courtesy of The White Library

And in case you need to be inspired, why not fancy up those gorgeous summer pots of plants . . .

Or top off a few of your cupcakes for the big BBQ . . .

Perhaps you could liven up a summer wedding.  Paper Pinwheels will make an absolutely fabulous substitute for those expensive blooms from the florist . . . 

Even your bridesmaids could share in the fun . . .

And who doesn't want to say 'I do' under a bunch of twirly-whirlies spinning in the wind?

And you know me, I can never resist a fancy garland . . .

Looking to get personal...why not make a map of it, or even dress up one of your most treasured antique possessions?

The perfect party invitation and a festive table to frolic around. . .

Oh so fun & oh so very SIMPLE!  My favorite kind of project!!


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