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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday/Wednesday: Colorful Rosettes

Looking for unique, memorable, and ridiculously easy DIY decorations for your upcoming wedding, shower, or party?  Well look no further, because these colorful lovelies will fill your room with fabulousness, cost you next to nothing, and take a mere matter of minutes to create.  Now that is a project  I can get fired up about!

Paper Rosettes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Supplies You Will Need:

~ Scrapbooking paper (12"x12"). Each wheel will take 3 sheets. 
~  Rubber cement/glue/double-stick tape (or the equivalent)
~ A few clothes pins or paper clips to hold the wheels together if you are using glue
~ hole punch
~ fishing line/ribbon/twine to hang

Step 1: Accordian fold each piece of paper lengthwise in about 3/4" folds

Step 2: Fold each accordian piece in half

Step 3: Adhere each side of the pieces together using your rubber cement/glue/double-stick tape, creating your rosette.  Punch a hole in the rosette and use fishing wire or matching ribbon to hang.

*** If you are using glue, clip with clothespins to hold together while drying.

That's it, yes, that is it!  And you will have as many hanging lovelies as you need in just a few easy steps!

What's great about these wonderful little rosettes is that you can make them in any size you need.  And if you are really stretching those creative muscles, then you can think of all kinds of unique places to hang them.  So absolutely unique & fun and will literally cut your flower budget in half if you so desire . . .

And you know we couldn't refuse a garland . . .

Or mini-favor labels at that . . .

Now if that dose of color didn't wake you up & make you smile then you may need a second trip to Starbucks this morning.  Happy folding, pasting, & hanging!

Partial Tutorials Courtesy of Vintagewannabee and Paper Zone


  1. These rosettes are so pretty and effective...especially in different colours and sizes...lovely!
    Susan x

  2. You have helpd me a greatdeal by your above idea, because I have to decorate two wedding-rooms, and this idea is phantastic good for me! Thank youvery much!