Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Vintage-Style Dessert Dream: Yellow, White, & Warm Grey . . .

Ahh, palette of grey, yellow, & white . . . how I absolutely love you.  And vintage fabric tablecloths & ornate white chandelier style dessert stands are enough to make any girl swoon.

See these amazing grey & yellow brownie flags?  They are made out of Japanese Washi Tape and you can find an absolutely lovely roll of your own tape here.

Just love these mixed & matched rosettes, handmade using dollies and vintage looking paper!  I do believe we have a tutorial for tomorrow . . .

This doily-adorned banner reading “The Sweet Bar” just ties all of the details together!

And don't the white dessert stands with hanging crystals – together with the miniature wooden chairs & bird cage – add a distinctive vintage feeling to the entire design?

Stay tuned tomorrow for rosette making at its finest . . .

GREY & YELLOW PARTY: Courtesy of the Hostess Blog

– Dessert Table Design & Concept: Katie & Alice of KaLice Events
– Photography:  KaLice Events
– Homemade Sweets:  KaLice Events
– Miniature Wooden Chairs: JoAnn’s
– Mini Bird Cage: World Market
– Grey & Yellow Floral Table Cloth: Target
– Craft Paper: Michael’s & JoAnn’s
– Dessert Stands: Various local stores Photobucket

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  1. I have those cake stands, and let me tell ya "SWOON" is the perfect word for them! I literally fell in love~~~butterflies and giddiness as I did a happy dance around the box when I received them!!!!! Beautiful theme you have posted here :) Thanks for sharing!