Friday, May 20, 2011

Bonus Tutorial: Yarn Pom Garland & Flowers . . .

As promised. here is a bonus tutorial on how to make those lovely pom garlands we featured yesterday, as well as an extra bonus...yarn pom flowers!  Think of all the endless possibilities of projects you can make with a huge boxful of these.  And warning, once you get to making them, you might not want to stop . . .

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Supplies You Will Need:

~ Yarn in three colors

~ Scissors

~ Needle

~ Large serving fork

1.) With your first color, start wrapping the yarn around the serving fork.

2.) When you've wrapped it around about 50 times or so, cut a small piece of yarn, string it through the fork and tie it once at the top.

3.) Pull the yarn off the fork and tighten the knot at tight as you can, making a second knot to reinforce.

4.) With your scissors, cut through the yarn on both sides.

5.) Fluff the yarn around the sides and trim if needed, then make several more.  Five per color should get you a pretty nice size garland.

6.) Take your needle (a large embroidery one works best) and thread it through one color of yarn. Using yarn to string the pom poms help as opposed to string helps keep them from moving around too much on the garland.

7.) Using the threaded needle, string the pom poms together spacing them a few inches apart and alterating colors.

8.) Hang the little lovelies around the room at your next party!

Tutorial Courtesy of Momtastic

Yarn Pom Flowers

Difficulty Level: Easy

Supplies You Will Need:

~ assorted yarn pom poms (see above:)
~ twigs
~ glue gun

1.) Make the pom poms, trim them so they're nice and fluffy, and glue them to the end of the sticks.  That's it!  Hooray!

A little inspiration . . .

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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