Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Cherry Pie Cupcakes . . .

In honor of our deliciously themed Apple & Cherry Party from yesterday, I thought it would be fun to make some delightful cupcake treats to add to the fun.  Aren't these just the most adorable things ever?  Here's how it's done . . .

Cherry Pie Cupcakes

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Supplies You Will Need:

~ 35 standard sized baked vanilla cupcakes
~ 2 cans cherry pie filling, drained, but keep juice
~ 3 cups butter cream vanilla frosting-or 3 purchased 16oz containers
~ piping bag
~ Decorating tips: 


(for the ruffled edge of cupcakes)


(simple line to hold in filling)


(smooth side up to create "lattice")

1. Frost cupcake thinly.  Fill pastry bag with buttercream frosting.  Using tip #5, pipe a line around the outer edge of cupcakes (to hold filling).

2. Drain berries from juice, pat dry.  Place halfed cherries on center of cupcake.   Add 1-2 teaspoons cherry juice/filling covering tops of cherries.

3.  Using tip #47 (smooth side up) pipe 3 ribbons of frosting equally spaced on top of fruit (to create the 'lattice')

4. Rotate cupcake and repeat to continue to make lattice.

5. Using tip #103, wide end up, pipe ruffle,"crust" around edge of cupcake. (tip: hold cupcake in hand and rotate)

That's it!  So simple & sweet!!

Partial Tutorial Courtesy of Liz Bushong

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