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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Terrific Treat Cones!

Looking for a cute & budget-friendly way to hand out treats at your next event, or send your guests off with a tasty 'thank you' for the ride home?  Well, look no further, because these oh-so-simple treat cones are the perfect way to add a bit of fancy to your dessert table without putting a dent in your wallet.  And even better, you can whip them up on your own in a matter of minutes using these easy instructions.

But first, a little inspiration . . .

How absolutely adorable are these sweet little cones in bales of hay?

And why not make them into carrots, I mean, you know shape-wise it works like a dream. . .

And yes, it is a bit early, but I know you, my crafty-minded divas, and you know you have already started dreaming ahead to Halloween . . .

Who says you have to stick with candy?

And my absolute favorite, the Candy Corn-shaped Cone!  

Okay, now back to business!  Here's how it's done:

Supplies You Will Need:

~ decorative paper (size 12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper or card stock, whatever you prefer)
~ scissors
~ 4" scotch tape
~ 4" transparent tape
~ pencil


1.) Print your template here: treat cone template
(this template makes a 5 inch cone, the perfect size for little hands and single servings of treats)

2.) Using your pencil, trace 4 cones onto your 12 x 12 inch decorative paper or card stock

3.) Cut out your treat cones and place them side by side in an assembly line.

4.) Grab a cone and overlap the two ends like the picture above.  I made sure that the edges were even and smooth at the top of the cone.  You should have a slight gap at the bottom, which is supposed to be there.  You can even insert lollipop sticks (found at Jo Anne's or Michael's) if you want to recreate something like in the bale of hay display as seen in the inspiration pictures above.  

5.) Place a 4 inch piece of scotch tape in the inside and press it so it lays smooth like the picture above.

6.) Then, place a 4 inch piece of transparent tape on the remaining flap of paper on the outside of the cone.  Press both pieces of tape down, making sure that they are holding well.  

7.) Last up, fill your treat cones with the snacks of your choice and enjoy all the prettiness that they add to your next party!! 

And if you have a crafty husband at home who you want to put to work as well, or maybe you just like to do a bit of woodworking yourself on the weekends, you can find the directions to make this fabulous little treat cone holder HERE
Treat Cone & Stand Tutorial Courtesy of Smashing Peas and Carrots

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