Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Vintage-Style Dessert Dream: Yellow, White, & Warm Grey . . .

Ahh, palette of grey, yellow, & white . . . how I absolutely love you.  And vintage fabric tablecloths & ornate white chandelier style dessert stands are enough to make any girl swoon.

See these amazing grey & yellow brownie flags?  They are made out of Japanese Washi Tape and you can find an absolutely lovely roll of your own tape here.

Just love these mixed & matched rosettes, handmade using dollies and vintage looking paper!  I do believe we have a tutorial for tomorrow . . .

This doily-adorned banner reading “The Sweet Bar” just ties all of the details together!

And don't the white dessert stands with hanging crystals – together with the miniature wooden chairs & bird cage – add a distinctive vintage feeling to the entire design?

Stay tuned tomorrow for rosette making at its finest . . .

GREY & YELLOW PARTY: Courtesy of the Hostess Blog

– Dessert Table Design & Concept: Katie & Alice of KaLice Events
– Photography:  KaLice Events
– Homemade Sweets:  KaLice Events
– Miniature Wooden Chairs: JoAnn’s
– Mini Bird Cage: World Market
– Grey & Yellow Floral Table Cloth: Target
– Craft Paper: Michael’s & JoAnn’s
– Dessert Stands: Various local stores Photobucket

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Prettiest Shops on the Planet

I love to shop.  And most of all, I just adore walking through the doors of a fabulous shop...somewhere so elegant that you can't help but buy a few pretty things, just because the sheer beauty of the place inspires you to want to create.

This month, I thought it would be fun to highlight all of the work those fantastic shopkeepers have gone to in order to turn your experience in their art space to a place you never want to leave.  In creating my own virtual space here at Juneberry Lane, one of the things most important to me was the entire experience you have from the moment you enter the site.

Every Friday over the next few weeks, I am going to scour the countryside looking for five of the most breath-taking shops out there...and will do my best to find places in your area so that you might get a chance to head over and support a local businessman/woman of your very own.  And the first five are . . .

Miette Organic Sweets ~ San Fransico 

Shabby Lane Interiors ~ Ontario 

Sweet Mandy B's Bakery ~ Chicago 

Rose & Co Apothecary ~ Yorkshire 

Little Paper Lane ~ Sydney 

Now doesn't that just make you want to grab your bag & head out to the shops this weekend?  Have a lovely one! Photobucket

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Backyard Beautiful: Entertaining Under the Stars . . .

I just love sitting outside and soaking up the sunshine on a warm, almost-Summer day.  The cool breeze, the rustling leaves, the crickets & fireflies . . . what a perfect backdrop for a fabulous party!  So grab a few bouquets of fresh-cut flowers, some of your loveliest linens & glassware, and head outside with a few friends to usher in the kick-back feel of long-awaited summer days and evenings.

A bit of inspiration for you . . .

Movie night, anyone?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Striped Straws: A Retro Riot . . .

Now, here at Juneberry Lane, we always say that a fabulous party is in the details...and you can't get more detailed than dressing up your cocktails, fruit punches, & lemonade with these fantastic retro straws.  The other day, I did a custom order of straw flags so that one of my chic customers could personalize the cocktail glasses at a bridal shower she was throwing for her friend, and well, that just got me totally inspired . . .

Mason jars and an old fashioned lemonade stand . . .

Vintage bottles of chocolate milk . . .yum!

Doesn't this just make you want to sit out on the porch on a hot summer day?

And I just love the thought of using chalkboard paint on mason jars or throwback bottles and writing your party guest's names or the name of the drink right on the front of your glass. . .

And the custom drink flags . . . such a divine detail and can be custom made to fit any type of party you are throwing in our Juneberry Lane Etsy shop!!

You can find these wonderful retro straws in dozens of Etsy shops and they are oh so very affordable (they will only run you about $4 for 25 on average).  The straws below are available at The Cupcake Social . . .

So many colors, so many options, so many amazing party possibilities . . .