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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Paper Circle Garland . . .

I just love a party garland or bunting of any kind, and yesterday's Little Clementine Baby Shower really got me thinking about 'orange' decorations and how perfect a simple paper circle garland would go with the decor of that party!  Such a simple and pretty 'mod' little project that will take you no time if you've ever handled a sewing machine!  Here's how it's done . . .


Difficulty Level: Easy

Supplies You Will Need:
~ Card stock (solid or patterned paper)
~ Sewing machine
~ Matching thread
~ Circle Hole Punch

1.) Cut out tons of paper circles from scrapbook paper and card stock.  You could also use newspaper, pages from an old book, or any pretty type paper that fits your event scheme.  You can go simple & uniform and make all of your circles one size, or switch them up a bit with a few different sizes of circle punches.

2.) Decide on your pattern (if you are using multiple sizes of circles or different patterns of paper . . . or don't use a pattern at all).  Line the circles up next to your sewing machine (it helps if you have someone to keep lining the circles up next to your machine so you can move quickly as you sew - children do this part really well:)

3.)  Choose a thread that will 'pop' a bit with the color of your circles and get sewing!  Use a large stitch so you don't use too much thread & you can move a little faster.  Just slide each circle under the presser foot as you sew.  As soon as you start on one, slide the next one under & you will move fairly quickly.  Make them as long and random as you would like; all of your circles can either be right up next to each other or you can leave a little space between them, whatever you prefer!  And that's it!

You can't get much more simple than that, right?  And in case you needed a little inspiration . . .

Maybe you just want to dress up your breakfast tomorrow morning . . .

Partial Tutorial Courtesy of: The Pleated Poppy


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