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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Upcakes & Other Dessert Magic . . .

Because yesterday's wedding was such fun, I thought we should keep it going for a bit and find some fantastic desserts for your next 'Up' inspired birthday party, shower, or big event.   First, there is this amazing tutorial for the perfect cupcake from the whiz of all kitchen whizzes, Bakerella.  Aren't these just the cutest things, and when you see how easy they are, you are going to be thrilled!

Here's what you do (in Bakerella's words):

You’ll need some cupcakes and frosting. Any kind. Your favorite cupcake recipe or even a cake mix. Frost the cupcakes with an offset spatula and make it look kinda messy. They don’t need to be perfect. You are going for fluffy and cloudlike. Then sprinkle white sanding sugar over the top for some extra texture and sparkle.



For the balloons, you can use doughnut holes. They are a great size and lightweight enough so they won’t topple over.


Apply some of the frosting to the surface of the doughnut hole. Don’t be afraid to get your fingers messy.


After you frost the doughnut, drop it in a bowl of miniature confetti sprinkles and then swirl it around in the bowl until the doughnut is completely covered in sprinkles.


Lay them on wax paper and repeat.


For the balloon strings, I used these noodles. They have a nice color and are really thin. But, they do break easily and can break off in the cupcake if you’re not careful. So you may want to try something thicker, like spaghetti noodles or even just regular toothpicks.


Insert the noodles at an angle so they all point in together at the bottom.


And then stick them straight into the cupcake, while holding the noodles together. Cute.


And crunchy. Make sure to remove all the noodles before you bite in and … Enjoy!


And a few more thoughts that I love . . .

A gorgeous cake . . .

On the sweetest dessert table . . .

More cupcake inspiration . . .

A house of Gingerbread . . .

And my very favorite, a little idea I dreamed up last night.  Now, I need you to really get your creative brain a-working for this one.  

First, you go to TJ Maxx/Home Goods & buy one of those darling little wooden houses you always see there . . .

Then you pull out your paints and create something as close to this as you can . . .

And drill a bunch of scattered holes in the roof (you will see why in a moment:)

Next up:  Balloon Cake Pops (in the rainbow colors of course) . . .

Make a whole bunch of them . . .

And place them in bunches in the drilled holes on your house roof.  

I mean, can you picture that?  A cake pop stand made from the 'Up' house with a bunch of 'balloon' cake pops floating on top?  One of these days I am going to get around to putting one of these together for you:) 

Now you are all set to get planning for your next event!  And isn't this music just divine, by the way?

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  1. Such a lovely, inspiring post....love the gingerbread house!...
    Susan x