Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pinwheel Pinecone Turkeys

How about a fun afternoon craft with the kiddos?  You know one of my favorites is the always-gorgeous paper pinwheel....well now you can combine them in all of their splendor with those irresistible little pinecone turkeys.  Use them on your mantel for an eye-popping Thanksgiving Day decoration-or even place them on your dinner table as the sweetest centerpiece or place-card holder.

They're easy & fun, SUPER cheap, and the kiddos love them!  Take a look . . .

Paper Pinwheel Turkeys

Supplies You Will Need:

~ Pinecones (the ones with wide, downward pointing scales work best-but any kind will do)
~ Assorted decorative paper
~ Googly eyes
~ Red ribbon
~ Orange ribbon
~ Double-sided tape
~ Paper cutter (optional)
~ Scissors
~ Glue gun & glue sticks


1.) Using you hot glue gun, adhere two googly eyes next to each other on the front of your pinecone.

2.) Cut a small square of orange ribbon.

3.) With your scissors, shape your ribbon into a triangle.

4.) Using your hot glue gun, adhere the base of the triangle underneath the scale of the pinecone where you placed your googly eyes.

5.) Cut a piece of red ribbon, about an inch long.

6.) With your hot glue gun, stick the two tops of the ribbon on either side of the pinecone scale where you placed your googly eyes, trimming it if necessary.

7.)  Cut 3 strips of decorative paper, 12 inches long and 4 inches wide (we used a piece of 12 x 12 piece of paper from Michael's and cut it into thirds).  Accordian-fold all three strips of paper.

8.) With your double-sided tape, adhere all three strips of accordian-folded paper together.

9.) Close the circle with another piece of double-sided tape and stand it up straight like a coffee shop hot drink sleeve.

10.)  Cut a circle out of scrap paper-it doesn't have to be neat, because you won't see it:)  Press the accordion-folded circle down at the center to lie flat on the table, then adhere the paper circle to the center with hot glue.

11.) Cut a 1/4 piece off of the bottom of your paper pinwheel.

12.) Finally, use your hot glue gun to adhere the paper circle on your pinwheel to the back of your pinecone.  Isn't he just the sweetest little thing?

In fact, the whole darn family turned out pretty darn adorable, didn't they?  And they look even better scattered around my fireplace mantel above the Juneberry Lane FREE printable Thanksgiving Day banner! Photobucket

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