Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Thanksgiving Banner & A Thanksgiving Line of Invites:)

This little 'Turkey Day' banner was such fun to design, and as I am in a thoroughly thankful mood over our upcoming holiday season, I figured it was time to say THANK YOU to all of YOU!

You have made me such a happy girl with all of your wonderful comments, orders, and loyal readership in general, that I want to start showing my gratitude with more regular freebies!

I had a little fun stringing it to my own mantle, just to give you the idea, but if you scroll down below you can download the files to print & cut your very own.  Here it is and I hope you enjoy!

And here are your FREE printable files . . .
Turkey Day Banner 1

Turkey Day Banner 2

Turkey Day Banner 3

Turkey Day Banner 4

Turkey Day Banner 5

You can either print it up and glue it to a solid paper stock backing (if you are really feeling fancy-I recommend turquoise; surprise, surprise:), or just cut it along the borders (like I did!).  Use scissors or an exacto knife to make two small slits in the upper corners, and string it up with twine or yarn to hang wherever you choose!

And just in case you would like to add a little fun & excitement for your loved ones on the big dinner day, you can purchase the customized 'Thanksgiving Turkey Day' Invite printable file in the Juneberry Lane Etsy shop for the very reasonable price of $5.99.  These would be perfect for a Thanksgiving Eve Cocktail Party or a After-Dinner Dessert Night too!  Check it out, it is a personal favorite of mine . . .

Hooray for free things!!!  Thank you again for being wonderful!! Photobucket

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