Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TEN for Tuesday!! 10 Supplies Every Girl Needs to throw the Perfect Party for Any Occasion!!

1.) A Primary 'Dessert' Table:

(fold-up, easy to store version available from Walmart for $42)

2.) A Secondary 'Beverage'/Favor/Present Table:

(also from Walmart for $59)

3.) 2-3 Cases of Ball Mason Jars (12 per pack) for Beverages:

(16 oz, regular mouth Ball mason jars case of 12.  Around $9.99 each for 12 at your local grocery or hardware store)

If you would like something a little less stylized and easier to fit into every party you throw (if mason jars aren't your thing), then consider vintage milk bottles, plain, clear glass tumblers or water goblets from the $1 store.  Once you add in the pretty straws & labels they will be gorgeous, I promise!

4.) Plain, Neutral Table Skirting for your 6 foot & 4 foot Tables:

(fitted 6 foot table skirt available from Amazon for $49.99)

You just need the skirt here...we are going to show you  an easy way to DIY different table runners/cloths to make each party you throw a personal one.  If you are a crafty type, why not make your own; like this gorgeous, ruffled version made from a 3-tiered SHOWER CURTAIN!!  Amazing!!  

(A wonder of a DIY table skirt out from Everyday Beauty...genius!!)

You can save even more $$ by sewing ruffles onto a twin bed sheet & then cutting it in half.  Two twin bed sheets ought to be plenty to cover the sides of your dessert table on the three exposed sides, with the fourth flush to the wall.  Just stick with a neutral white, off-white, linen, or grey and you will re-use your table skirt again & again!

5.) Table Skirt for your 4 foot beverage/favor/present table:

Don't forget one for your 4 foot table too...check EBAY, Linens-N-Things, Amazon, & Etsy for fantastic deals that will carry you through every party!

6.) Clear, Glass Beverage Dispenser

(double dispenser-perfect for side-by-side alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, unless you trust the kiddos, make your beverages 2 different colors:) by Del Sol from Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $29.99)

(a single version of the above, also by Del Sol from Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $19.99) 

7.) Tiered, Neutral Cupcake/Dessert Stand

(a rustic beauty from Melinda Wedding Design for $59)

Make sure you do yourself a favor and check stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, Etsy, & Marshall's for these first...or you can DIY a pretty version using crystal taper candle holders (from the $ Tree) and mix & match plates from one of the above-mentioned discount retailers.  Check out our previous post HERE:)

8.) Assorted White (or other neutral) Serveware 

(Get thee, STAT, to your local Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross and stock up on assorted serveware in neutral colors-my favorite is white.  Think chip bowls, sandwich plates, veggie trays, dip & salad bowls, etc-you know what you normally serve at parties, and you can find a plethora of great stuff for $8.99 a piece and under!)

9.) Cake Pop Stand:

(this one is from KC Bakes for around $25.  I made my own version with a wooden cutting board painted white and a drill (see pic below:) You will have a ton of fun coming up with different cake pops to coincide with all of your favorite parties.  Pick up yourself a neutral version of one of these and then head on over to Bakerella so the genius can show you how it is done...)

My DIY version:

10.) Assorted, Neutral Vases

(scope out stores like the $ Tree, antique malls, Goodwill, garage sales, flea markets & discount retailers for a mismatch of clear glass vases & large jars.  You can get creative with every party by decorating with flowers, adding candy, fruit, glass Christmas bulbs, and a host of other goodies...the options are endless!)

And there you have it!  For less than $200, you have all of the building blocks you need to create a unique party EVERY SINGLE event & holiday and you will get all-sorts-of -comfortable with the supplies you always have on hand.  Have a wonderful time collecting and be sure to get creative!  

The best thing about stocking up on a collection like this one is that you will seriously re-use it again & again; from birthday parties, to Holiday gatherings, Baby Showers, & Graduation Parties.  Once you have these basics you can focus on the fun customized goodies that will make each & every party you throw a unique one!!  Check out a few examples . . .

And stay tuned for an easy shopping list of things you will need to decorate & style each of your parties.  This is the exciting stuff-but also the CHEAP-and you know we love a good deal!!!  Have a great Tuesday!


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  2. Any chance you can tell me where the trim on that table skirt at the very bottom of the page came from? I'm looking for a really wide lace trim like that.

  3. I looooove the table cloth in the last picture!!!!!! Do you mind sharing where you bought it? Thank you in advance.