Friday, July 6, 2012

An Old-Fashioned New England-Style Clambake . . .

Just because the 4th of July has come & gone doesn't mean you have to hang up your hat on backyard bashes just yet!  There is a ton of summer still to come and the party possibilities are downright endless!

One of my absolute favorites is, hands down, the good ole, authentic New England Style Clambake.  The decor is rustic (think fishing nets, burlap, & mason jars) so you can have that magical feel of an old-fashioned good time without dropping too much $$$.

Best yet, you can pick up a few rolls of kraft paper and throw those right down on your table, seafood boil style, complete with a roll of paper towels and you are nearly halfway there!  Just take a look at a bit of inspiration to get you started . . .

Go on and get creative with your dipping sauces too:)

(love these invites via Michele Purner Designs

Tons of fun and pretty easy to put together too!!  Have a fantastic weekend!! Photobucket

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  1. These inspiration images you put together are fantastic! Thanks.