Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY: Make Your Own Picnic Basket . . .

So, feeling all inspired by last night's post about picnics but don't really have the extra $$ to purchase a picnic basket?  Or maybe you are just a DIYer who will not be satisfied with a pre-made model sold in stores!

Well fear not, because with a little help from Oilcloth Addict you can turn any trusty old basket into the memory-maker of your dreams.  First and foremost, you want to find a good oilcloth you like (specially treated, waterproof fabric).  I am a big fan of some of the fab finds from Oilcloth by the Yard on Etsy.

But you can find it anywhere or simply turn your own favorite fabric into oilcloth (more to come:)

Then you will need to hunt down the perfect basket to repurpose; check Etsy for some truly unique vintage finds . . .

(Charlie's Nest on Etsy for $28)

(Nicolettes on Etsy for $12.95)

(swagJUICE on Etsy for $20)

So, you've got your cloth & what?


Supplies you will Need:
~ Vintage basket
~ 1-2 yards of oilcloth


1.) To create a bottom lining you will want to trace the bottom of the basket on to the wrong side of the your oilcloth.

2.) Cut inside the pattern 1/2 inch to make it fit the inside of the basket. You may need to trim a bit off here and there since the inside shape isn't exactly the same as the outside. Be patient and just take small amounts off at a time, do this until you get it to fit snugly inside the basket.

3.) Measure the inside circumference of your basket and add 3 inches. The circumference of this basket was around 55 inches.

4.) Cut two pocket layers, one at cir. plus 3" by 10" and the second at cir. plus 3" by 8". You may need to piece this together to make it long enough.

5.) Hem the top of both pocket layers at 1 1/2". 

6.) Lay the 8" layer on top of the 10" layer and sew them together at the bottom. Oilcloth doesn't fray so feel free to so a simple edge stitch.

7.) Now for the fun part, pockets--lots and lots of pockets! I am giving you my basic layout but you can certainly tailor your picnic pocket to suit your needs.

8. Pack her up and get a-picnicking!! (Tutorial courtesy of Oilcloth Addict)

What's the best part of this whole project?  Accessorizing, of course!  Look for fun plates, cups, silverware, & linen to compliment the oilcloth you chose!  Here are a few ideas of things that are out there . . .

(HOME paisley turquoise melamine plates from Target-8 salad plates for $20)

(bowls to match, also from Target)

Pretty linens (if you aren't up for sewing your own, that is:)

(you know we love these Joel Dewberry numbers from Too Cute Custom Crafts on Etsy:)

Or these sets of four from what seems to be the mecca of DIY picnic supplies . . . 

(Green & Yellow Lattice from Target-$9.99 for a set of 4)

And need another reason to make your own basket.  Take a look . . .

(courtesy of Captured by Carrie)

(photo belongs to Pham Photography)

Could you be more fab at your next outdoor concert with your own little handmade, vintage repurposed basket?  I really, truly do not think so . . .


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