Saturday, December 17, 2011

DIY Yarn Christmas Tree Tutorial

So your shopping is done, your presents are wrapped, the stockings are stuffed, and your baking is finished and you are looking for a few last minute centerpiece ideas for your holiday table?

Well, look no further, because these gorgeous little yarn Christmas trees are so simple to do and so creatively chic, and you know you have too much extra yarn lying around anyway, right?  Check out this fantastic little Christmas tree tutorial from One Happy Mama . . .


Supplies You Will Need:
~ styrofoam trees (found at your local craft store)
~ yarn (used really fuzzy yarn for an even more whimsical feel)
~ hot glue gun
~ felt
~ toothpicks
~ glue dots
~ star punch or star die cuts
~ felt balls

1.) Start by tracing the bottom of each tree on your felt. I used some dark brown felt, but you can use any color since you won't really see this felt - it'll just cover up the styrofoam on the bottom protecting any surface that you place it on. Once you have the circles cut for the bottoms - hot glue them on each tree.

2.) Next get your yarn ready, put a bead of hot glue along the very bottom of the tree base and then place your first row of yarn on it. Be careful not to burn your fingers! ;) You can do a little at a time to be sure you don't. ;)

3.) Go around the bottom with the yan and then once you have that first row secure, continue wrapping and wrapping the yarn all the way up the tree. You don't even have to wrap it perfectly - I had my yarn overlapping, etc., and it turned out cute and whimsical. This craft isn't suppose to be difficult and sress you out - only fun with cute results! ;)

4.) Once you get to the top, clip off the yarn right before the very tip of the styrofoam tree, unless your tree has a pointy top. If it does - just continue wrapping it and clip it off and secure it down with glue. If your tree is like mine and had more of a flat top - what I did was clip off the yarn once I got to the top and then put some glue on the top of the tree and then starting in the center, I started with the yarn and then wrapped it in a circular pattern until the top styrofoam was covered.

5.) Then for a cute touch, I added some felt balls that I had to the tree for little ornaments. You could very easily just leave these trees bare for a simple look - I wanted a bit more whimsy so I put the felt balls on the tree. You can be creative and use other things too like pom pom balls, jingle bells, etc.

6.) Lastly, I punched out two star for each tree using a star punch and some pink glittered American Crafts cardstock and then I put a super strong glue dot on one star, placed the toothpick on top of that glue dot and then added another glue dot on top of the toothpick and then added the other star on top of it. Then I stuck the toothpick into the top of the tree.

Voila. Cute Christmas yarn trees.

And as always, a tiny bit more to get your wheels a-turning . . .

Aren't those colors just lovely?  Or you could go a more simple route if you prefer  . . .

(photo courtesy of

Aren't they darling?  And simple to make too!  Stay tuned for a couple last minute Tree Tutorials.  You are going to just love them, I promise!!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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