Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Coffee Filter/Cupcake Liner Christmas . . . Behold, A Paper Tree!

Now just in case you don't have any extra yarn laying around for the tree tutorial I sent your way the other day, I thought I would give you another option, an easy little how-to from Centsational Girl to use up some supplies you might have in your cupboards already.  And I just know you have cupcake liners or coffee filters in there!

And wouldn't these trees be just beautiful on either side of your holiday buffet or dessert table?  Now whether you use the coffee filters or the cupcake liners is up to you, it all just depends on what size you are looking for!  Let's get to it!


Supplies You Will Need:

~ White paper cupcake liners (or coffee filters!)
~ White 12" x 12” cardstock or poster board (if you are using the coffee filters)
~ Clear packaging tape (not shown)
~ Hot glue gun
~ Mini ornaments


1.)  Roll your cardstock or poster board into a cone shape and secure with packaging tape (if you’d like to insert an ornament on the top leave a big enough hole).  2) Fold the cupcake liners into quarters, then snip the edges to separate the layers into frills.  3)  Begin at the base to hot glue to your cone.  4) Once you’re finished gluing the layers, embellish with mini ornaments secured with hot glue.

A few more to get those wheels turning . . .

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Love these darling little ornaments . . .

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Or you could hand-dye those filters or liners and end up with something along the lines of this tissue-paper beauty . . .

(image via

Aren't they just gorgeous?!  This is the perfect little craft to keep your hands busy while you watch your favorite holiday movie too . . . that way you can keep out of the cookie jar and save some of those treats for Santa!! Photobucket

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