Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Champagne/Rosé Tasting Party

Why don't we just continue on with this whole wine thing and move on to our next inspiration . . . a lovely Bridal Shower Champagne or Rosé tasting, whichever the Bride-to-Be prefers!  I am so excited to show you the amazing party boards below (and even more excited to debut a new Bridal Shower line in our Etsy shop, in honor of this fun-filled theme!)

So here you have it, a perfectly pink & pretty as a picture, taste to your heart's content mish mash of Tasting Bridal Showers . . .

A few simple decorating options to save on the budget without sacrificing style: elegant & tall taper candles . . .

And a plethora of paper streamers  . . .

Tempting your Taste Buds on a Rooftop (via Celebrations at Home) . . .

A few Inspiration Boards to get those creative wheels a-turning . . .

And one of my favorite things about throwing a Wine Tasting Bridal Shower, is that you can ask each of your guests to bring their favorite bottle (be it Rosé, Champagne, Moscato, or you name it!) and without the full load of the alcohol tab, you will have SO much more $$$ to spend on decorations, of course!

And here are a few tips on how to throw the most fabulous tasting party, courtesy of The Savvy Event:

~ Select 4-6 bottles of champagne from different regions with varying levels of sweetness/dryness. Check out BevMo for some ridiculously low prices on champagne.

~ For a blind tasting, wrap each bottle in paper and write a number on it.

~ Make a tasting card for each guest, allowing them to describe the champagne, the sweetness, and their overall opinion of it.

~ Include some snacks for between tastes-brie cheese, baguette, strawberries, grapes, apples.

~ You can include a "spit bucket" but if your friends are anything like mine, no champagne will go to waste.

~ Make cards for each champagne to highlight the information/price/style-this way your guests can really find out what they like.

And wouldn't you just know that Juneberry Lane would be there to help you out with all of your Invitations, Champagne Bottle Covers, Wine Description Paper, & Party Labels?  Stay tuned for our Bridal Shower Tasting Line of Party Printables, coming soon! Photobucket

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