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Monday, January 14, 2013

Spoonflower Spectacular: DIY Fabric Fun!

So, I have been meaning to share this project with you for quite awhile and I am really excited to finally get around to it!  I just had the best time ever designing my own fabric for the baby's nursery this past year . . . and just in case you are crazy like me and can't ever seem to find exactly what you are looking for when perusing your local textile shop, now you can do it too at spoonflower.com!!

Not to mention, they have now added DIY wallpaper as an option too as well as wall decals, so you can go as lunatic as you'd like and have the walls match the curtains, the bedding, & more!!  But before we go too wild, here is a little project that I put together (pillow sewing courtesy of my talented mother, Connie, of course:)

The inspiration . . .

(Caitlin Wilson Navy Fleur - $60 per yard)

My swatch came in the mail ($5 for a sample....highly recommended since color can be tough!!)  A little too purple of a navy blue for my taste so . . . 

I went ahead and ordered the color swatch yard....and boy was that exciting!  It costs $18 but if you plan on redecorating your entire house with your own DIY fabric like I do, ha ha ha, it is totally worth it!  So many gorgeous colors, so many wonderful fabric creating dreams!!

There are lots of different fabrics to choose from starting at $15.75 a yard (I went with Kona cotton for $18 a yard) And lo and behold, our final product!!!

That was just too much fun - and half the price of the designer fabric (a $42 savings-and I even got to customize it exactly like I wanted!) that I was so in love with before!!  I think my next project will be a large garbage truck decal for my little guy's new room!  All you have to do is stare at the yard of color swatches and the ideas start hatching!!!


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