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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Magical Reindeer Food!!

I sent  this little project to you last year and wanted to share it again, as it takes merely seconds and is a fun, last minute activity to do with the kids to help bring the magic of the holidays to your home on Christmas Eve!  Don't forget about the free printable at the end of the page!!!

(image via Rainy Day Story)

I just love the thought of adding a bit of magic 'dust' to your front yard to help Santa & the reindeer to find their way to your house and thanks to this tutorial via Rainy Day Story, we can do just that!  And scroll on down to the bottom of this post for three FREE printable tags, just in case you feel like prettying them up a little, or handing out a few to the neighbors.  Here's what you do . . .


Supplies You Will Need:
~ oatmeal
~ glitter (any color)
~ cellophane bags
~ twine or yarn
~ bowl and spoon
~ hole punch
~ printable tags (check below for some FREE options:)

Step One: Gather all of your supplies and pour the oatmeal and glitter into bowls.

Step Two: Mix together your oatmeal and glitter.  (I used lots of glitter, green and silver.)

Step Three: Fill each cellophane bag up half way and tie with twine or yarn.

Step Four: Punch a hole in the top right corner or top center of your "Magical Reindeer Food" tags, attach to the twine, and you're done! (Scroll to the bottom of your post for free tags to choose from:)

But check these out first to feel inspired . .

(photo via http://www.kerryspapercrafts.com) 

Little mason jars are fun . . .

Get extra festive with some candy cane stripes  . . .

And here are THREE amazing and FREE 'Reindoor Food' Printables to choose from:

You can find a page of the above 'Vintage Rudolph' Free Printable Tags from the Tomkat Studio here:
Vintage Rudolph Reindeer Food Tags - The TomKat Studio

Or how about a little more modern reindeer . . .

Get the above little Rudolph Cuties from Amanda Parker at Shindig Parties to Go: HERE
And here is a Juneberry Lane original Freebie, in case you like things a little more vintage/rustic, like me:)

Get the page of multiples RIGHT HERE:
Reindeer Food Tags

While reindeer food certainly isn't a new idea, mixing anything with glitter and making it magical absolutely never gets old!!  This would be an excellent little treat to give the kids to pass out to their friends at school too; very friendly on the budget and it only takes a second!

Now all you have to do is wait until Christmas Eve, sprinkle it on the lawn, and wait for Santa & his reindeer to find their way to your house with the loot!! Photobucket