Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bonus Tutorial: A Mod Moroccan Toiletry Tray (for our nursery!!)

As most of you know, I have been hard at work getting ready for baby girl to arrive; from washing clothes, to scheduling a carpet deep-cleaning, to planning up meals that I can freeze for those busy beginning weeks.  Let's just hope she gives us a little extra time so that we can get everything done...with only 3-6 weeks-ish to go, I am getting a wee bit nervous:)

As I wrap up the final details on the nursery though, I thought I would share with you this fun little DIY project I put together for a toiletry tray.  I was inspired by THIS post by Jones Design Company, and I resized the template that she provided to fit my smaller project.  

I am planning on placing this on the dresser and topping it with the female essentials of course; you know, diaper rash cream, lotion, and baby balm to name a few.  Take a look . . .


Supplies You Will Need:

~ Wooden Tray painted to the color of your choice (I got mine from Michael's-an unfinished wood in a pack of 2 for $4.99)
~ Paint brush
~ Accent Paint (white)
~ Scissors
~ Pencil
~ Scrap Paper
~ Cardboard (got an old box from your ziploc baggies?  I tore that up and used a piece)
~ Templates for Pattern (you can download this HERE):
Morrocan Sizes


1.) Download & print the PDF file for the Moroccan template, cutting out a few to see which one of the sizes works best for your project.

2.) Trace the template size you chose on your cardboard (this was the inside of an empty box of ziploc baggies)

3.) Cut out your template.

4.) Begin to trace your cardboard template onto your painted tray (or whatever surface you are working with).  Just line it up similar to the pictures above & won't be perfect, but that only adds to the charm:)

5.) Continue tracing until your entire surface is covered.  You will have to bend the template slightly when you get to the edges (that's why I used the thinner cardboard from the Ziploc box:)

6.) Your tray will look something like this . . .

7.) Next, take a little time to practice tracing the shapes on a piece of scrap paper and then painting them with your accent color. I used a small paint brush and painted just inside my pencil line.  My first two shapes looked a little sloppy (see below:) but after awhile, I got the hang of it!

8.) Go for it!  Begin painting just inside the pencil lines on the far side of your tray!

9.) And keep painting.  I promise, this does not take near as long as it looks like it would . . .

Until . . .

And there you have it, that's all there is to it.  I will be sure to post some pictures once it is all set up in its own little corner of the nursery and topped with some pretty baby lotions & balms.  Now what to do with the other unfinished tray I have, hmmm . . . . stay tuned:) Photobucket

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