Friday, February 24, 2012

Oscar Night! Festive Popcorn Cupcakes . . .

Every year the Oscars just sneak up on me!  I am contently going about my 'getting ready for Spring' business when POOF, out of the blue, here they are.  And just about every time I say, "The Oscars are THIS weekend?  Already?!"

Now living in Los Angeles, Academy Awards night is no small deal...and what better way to celebrate the most glamorous night of the year than with these adorable popcorn cupcakes?  And even more fantastic?  There is a free printable below for your cupcake wrappers from so you are nearly halfway there already!!!

Movie Popcorn Cupcakes

~ baked cupcakes
~white icing
~ a bag of mini marshmallows (white or pastel yellow and white)
~ yellow food coloring (optional)


1.) Frost the baked cupcakes with white icing. To create each piece of "popcorn," cut one mini marshmallow in half and squish the two pieces back together into a whole mini marshmallow, pinching firmly. Pile the finished popcorn onto the frosted cupcake.

2.) For a buttery look, either dilute a drop of yellow food coloring in water and brush it on with a clean paintbrush or mix pastel yellow marshmallows in with the white.

3.) Download the free template below & cut out your wrappers!

4.) Wrap the band around the cupcake and secure with tape.

And now for your FREE printable (from Ewe Hooo!)
d e s i g n s

Quick, easy, affordable, and so much fun!!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful & glamorous weekend!!! Photobucket


  1. Love these! I am going to make them for my 14th birthday coming up!

  2. Wow! You did an amazing job, and the fact that you shared your printable download speaks volumes of how generous you are! Thank you for sharing your great idea. I hope mine come out half as pretty as yours.
    Vanessa A.

  3. I've been wasting a lot of time trying to get this to download for free. Am I missing something? Could you walk us through the process w/o having to sign up for a paid account which is where I always end up. Thanks!