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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl 2013-FREE FOOD LABELS!!!

Well, I know it is Saturday and tomorrow is the BIG day of Super Bowl parties, but if you are anything like me you won't mind how late I am on getting these FREE printable Super Bowl cupcake/food label circles to you!!

Perfect to dress up your mini-sandwiches, snacks, or cupcakes with for game day tomorrow and so very simple to download & print up for free on your home computer!

Then just use a circle punch or a pair of scissors to cut them into circles or squares (whichever you prefer!), attach them to a striped paper straw, a toothpick, or mini-skewer and you are all set to dress up your snacks from simple to superb!!

 Get yours right here:

These would look GREAT with gold foil liners, no?

Or, if you live close to a fab baking supply store, maybe gold dragees?

Or even just a few quick sprays of Wilton gold color mist!

Sorry to throw this at you so last minute:)  But they are FREE, so who's complaining?  Have a wonderful Game Day!!!!!


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