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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Juneberry Beauty: My New Hairdo for Summer . . .

Hello friends!!  I am still happily vacationing & wedding planning back in the heart of America (the Midwest!)  but I wanted to pop in & say hello to you all!  I am so excited to show you all of the fun new inspiration & ideas that have come my way while traipsing around the country!  But first, here is a little before & after of the haircut I FINALLY worked up the courage to make happen!

My lovely stylist was quite alarmed when I told her I was expecting a baby-she definitely advises against chopping off your locks while pregnant.  But I have been milling about over this decision for over a year now, so I was confident I could go forward without too much of a meltdown!  Here ya go . . .



Ahhh, what a difference a day makes!  Now I just need to get practicing my flat-iron curls!  Hope you are having a wonderful week!! Photobucket


  1. That’s a nice hairdo Misty! Short haircuts are great for the summer so you won’t feel too hot. I enjoy cutting my hair during the summer, and sporting my own style while I am out in malls, or just enjoying myself in the pool. And besides, feeling the water on the back of your neck while swimming is a nice feeling, well at least for me.

    Reda Pinard