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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Party Inspirations: A Vintage Lemonade Stand! (and a bonus printable!)

Incorporating fun & fabulous events from childhood into your big days and parties never gets old.  The adult guests will squeal with delight and feel like kids again when they see a set-up that reminds them of hot summer days of their youth . . . and these Old-fashioned lemonade stands are just the ticket!

What's even better?  You can modernize the precious past time by adding in unique twists on the traditional lemonade recipe...and give your friends & family a new memory to treasure for years to come.  Take a look . . .

And check out these delicious flavors . . .


(photo and recipe found HERE (just sub the lavender) and courtesy of innbrooklyn.wordpress.com)


(photo courtesy of delish.com and recipe found HERE)

Possible favors, if you will . . .

Those lovely floral stunners are from Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic.  You can download your FREE printable tags right HERE! 

Now you are getting jazzed for summer, right?!  Hope your 'short' week is off to a wonderful start!!!

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