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Friday, January 27, 2012

'Cupid's Love Dust' and THREE FREE Printables!!!

I think this little jar of fairy dust is just the sweetest thing.  I can already see the delight in the eye's of your little ones as they come downstairs in the morning and find this on the fireplace mantel.  

And think of all of the fun you can have deciding what to sprinkle this on to open up a world of magic to that special little guy or girl in your life.  I am thinking a little jar of 'Cupid's Love Dust' would be the most darling project.  Something along the lines of these little stunners from These Tiny Treasures on Etsy:

Perhaps your little lovebug could sprinkle some 'Love Dust' on Daddy's pillow and he just so happens to bring home a little treat when he gets home from work the next day?  Or place a little 'Pixie Dust' on a patch of dirt in the garden and surprise the kiddos with a freshly planted flower the following morning.  

Even the tooth fairy might be persuaded to leave a little extra cash if there was a bit of 'Fairy Dust' sprinkled in the pouch along with the usual pearly white.  And, of course, these would make fantastic favors for a 'Fairy' birthday party, a 'Neverland' baby shower,  or even a 'Woodland Wonderland' fete!  Ah, the options are endless.  How much fun is that?

A little inspiration . . .

And now, for a few FREE printables to get you started . . .

And here are your downloads for a multiple page of whatever kind of 'dust' you have in mind . . .

Cupid's Love Dust Multiple Tags

Fairy Dust Multiple Tags

Pixie Dust Multiple Tags

Have an absolutely magical weekend:) Photobucket

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  1. Thank you for these!! I shared them on my blog today, too: http://www.vixenmade.com/2012/05/free-printable-friday-glitter.html