Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Get Your Glitter On-Pumpkins!!!

Well, it is already Tuesday and we have less than a week to go until the big day.  And just in case you have already had your candy corn manicure and you don't feel much like getting your hands dirty, here is a fun little DIY project from the Cake Events Blog to make your pumpkins sparkle & shine . . .


Supplies You Will Need:
~ Pumpkins
~ Metallic spray paint
~ Elmer's Glue
~ Cheap Paint Brush ($1 at Lowe's!)
~ Newspaper
~ LOTS of glitter!!!

1.) Lay out your newspaper and wipe all of the dirt off of your pumpkin.  

2.) Spray your pumpkin with a shiny metallic spray paint and allow it to dry.

3.) You can either leave the pumpkin like this (or at least one or two, the metallic paint looks amazing!) or move on to the good stuff . . . GLITTER!!  Using your paint brush, apply a very thin coat of elmer's glue over the entire pumpkin (this one is left plain, but if you spray them with metallic paint first you will have double the shimmer!!)

4.) Then sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle to get as much of a glitter look as your fabulous little heart desires!!  Once the glue/glitter on your pumpkin is dry, use your fingers to lightly brush any loose pieces of glitter off the pumpkin (not too much, just the glitter that will fall off the minute you pick it up!)  

Then you will have a gorgeous ball of sparkle like these . . .

Go ahead and carve them if you want!

Or how about ombré?

Ahhhh, those just scream 'Glamour Girl'!  I love a good glittering, don't you?  Happy Tuesday! Photobucket

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