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Friday, September 2, 2011

Old Hollywood Backyard Movie Night . ..

Okay, sweet summer is not gone yet, so why don't we bid her adieu one last time with a stylish soirée that sends her off in style.

The lovely ladies from Bash, Please created a one-of-a-kind 'Old Hollywood Backyard Movie Night' that is sure to make your vintage heart swoon, so grab your honey, pop up some corn, and stay tuned below for a bonus tutorial on how to make a backyard movie screen of your very own . . .

Wasn't that simply divine?  And wouldn't this make an amazing outdoor rehearsal dinner for that couple who loves the silver screen?  You could show a romantic classic like 'Casablanca' or 'An Affair To Remember', or switch things up to quirky with contemporary favorites like 'Shakespeare In Love', 'Sleepless in Seattle', or '500 Days of Summer'.

One more thing:  Don’t have a movie screen laying around? No worries; neither did we, but here’s how we did it:


~ two buckets filled with rocks or gravel (we poured cement in ours)
~ three 6 ft long 2 x 4s
~ one twin-size flat sheet
~ staple gun
~ extra fabric and twine to cover the buckets

1. Lay your sheet flat on the ground. Staple each side to a 2 x 4, circling the fabric around each board once. Once secure, lay your third 2 x 4 across the top, perpendicular to the two stapled boards. Nail/screw into the boards.

2. Place the bottom end of each board into a bucket, making sure there is enough weight in each bucket so the screen doesn’t topple over.

3. Cover each bucket with fabric and tie with twine, ribbon or extra fabric.

Tada! Your very own movie screen!' (Tutorial Courtesy of Design Sponge & Bash, Please)

Have an amazing weekend, everyone! Photobucket

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