Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY Dishwasher's the little things:)

I know, I know, it sure has been awhile!  But I have been so busy with my shop and party styling that I am just now getting back to this lovely little site of mine.  I have so many fun things planned for the future of Juneberry Lane and I promise we will get there one little bit at a time.  But for now I will be popping in whenever I can to bring you all sorts of party, craft, & design inspiration and as many DIY tutorials as possible.

So let's jump back into the swing of things with the easiest tutorial ever-a small magnet for the dishwasher to let family & friends know whether or not the dishes inside are clean or dirty; after all, you know I like making the most mundane gadgets in the house as pretty as possible...


~ Mini Ornate Frame ($1.50 at Michael's)
~ Chalkboard paint (or whatever color you like:)
~ Paint brush
~ Adhesive backed, heavy duty magnet (save $ by using the magnet off the back of a refrigerator shopping list pad that you find at the dollar store!)
~ Paint pen

1.) Paint the inside cardboard of the frame with chalkboard paint (or whatever color your heart desires!)

2.) Measure down to the very middle of your painted cardboard and make a mark on either side.

3.) Using a book or ruler, draw a line straight across the middle of the painted chalkboard with your paint pen.

4.) Allow to dry:)

5.) On the top side of the painted cardboard, just above the line, write "Clean" with your paint pen.

6.) Once dry, flip the cardboard over and write "Dirty" on the other side of the line.

7.) Attach your adhesive magnet to the back side.

And there you go, once you train your family to flip the magnet whenever they start or unload the dishwasher (as if anyone does it but you;) no one ever has to ask "Are these dishes clean or dirty?" in your house again:)  See you soon... Photobucket

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