Sunday, February 10, 2013

Countdown to Valentine's Day! 5 . . .

Well, ladies & is getting down to the wire here for the big holiday, and high time to start focusing on easy, sweet little crafts that might be great to do with the favorite littles in your life!

DIY Heart Wreath
(courtesy of BHG via Inspirations by D)

Supplies You Will Need:

~ Several shades of pink and red paper
~ Scissors
~ Glue
~ 1 Cardboard or heavy stock paper
~ Heart shaped cookie cutters in a few different sizes
~ Soup can
~ Circle template (you can use a paper plate!)


1.) Trace paper plate over card stock or cardboard.

2.) For the inner circle, use a soup can to trace a small circle inside of the larger one

3.) Once traced, cut the circles carefully, into a donut-shaped wreath form.

4.) Using the heart cookie cutters, trace hearts onto the red & pink papers and cut several hearts out.

5.) Glue the hearts around the cardboard wreath form, overlapping several hearts to add interest.  Continue to glue hearts until the card board is completely covered.

6.) Let dry and hang!

Cute, simple, and lots of fun too!  And not to brag or anything about the AMAZING talent and true budding artistic genius of my own little tyke, but check out this heart-melting Valentine I got in the mail from my big boy's first week in preschool . . .

I know, I know.  I may or may not have cried when I opened it.  And look, he even put glitter on it!  He knows his mom so well:)

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