Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Juneberry Baby: Wee Little Wednesday!!

So as some of you may know, my sweet little boy is starting Preschool next Tuesday!!  I have such a mixture of emotions running through me as we get everything prepped for his first big day...I am nervous and hopeful that he will manage to behave himself and not get thrown out, I am excited for all of the little fun things that go along with the education journey ahead (his first pictures NEXT MONTH!!), and I am anxious to see how he handles the thought of us dropping him off and leaving for a few hours!

Well what's a mom to do when her nerves are getting the better of her?  Turn the mundane into something marvelous, that's what!  After doing a little research on what some of you awesome moms & dads are finding success with at lunchtime, I discovered the ridiculously amazing art of BENTO MAKING...and I have to admit, I am hooked!!

I know this idea is nothing new and the trend has been going on for several years now, but it is new to me and so I want to share my own (very new!) experiences.  Take a look . . .


Supplies you will Need:
~ a bento box! (see a bit of inspiration below)
~ cookie cutters (in whatever shapes your little one loves:)
~ silicone muffin liners
~ FOOD!!

Aren't these full-sandwich 'Lunch Punch' cutters adorable?

I wanted to start simple and not have to order online, so I picked up this transportation set of cutters from Michael's by Wilton . . .

Boxes I love:

I am waiting on the blue version of this 'Thinkbaby' version below.  I thought we would start off with something standard, leak-proof, and easy to switch it up with an adult lunch in case the Bento-making isn't quite as well received as I hope:)

They have quite a few fab color options too...and I love the stainless steel & airtight lid!

And once things get rolling I know I am going to have to pick up one of these amazing numbers by my favorite Bento box designer, Shinzi Katoh...

Some further inspiration, in case you want to go totally insane:

I was able to get two sandwich pieces out of the cutters I picked up from Wilton with very little extras (just enough for a bite-sized snack for the dog:)  But in case you don't have a hungry mutt lurking around, you can always do this . . .

So I am still waiting on my Bento box to arrive, but in the meantime I tested out a few of the cutters today and I have to say...

He inspects the goods . . .

Going in . . .


It was a hit!!

And next week, while I am sitting around pacing the floor and worrying about how things are going, at least I know there will be a little bit of delight in my guy's big day and that is definitely helping ease my mind:)  I can't wait to delve further into this fun!! Photobucket

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