Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Family Portraits: Cracking the Color Code!

One question that keeps popping up amongst all of my friends this holiday season is what colors to dress the family in for the big holiday photo.  If you were a bride who loved picking out the hues of your wedding or someone with a flair for interior design, than this little assignment is going to be nothing but fun for you.  But just in case you are not, today I am here to help with a few fun color combos along with a little guidance.

When choosing a photo palette, it is best to remember that the typical rules still apply: a cool color always compliments a warm one (think of my favorite combo-turquoise & red!!) and a neutral thrown in adds just the right amount of appeal to the mix to create an overall affect that is pleasing to the eye.

Here are a few examples of hot hues for this season:

(via Amber Anderson)

(image from Ashlee Raubach) 

Love me some yellow & grey!

(Courtesy of Hergert Photography) 

(via Ashlee Raubach) 

 (courtesy of Ashlee Raubach)

How about this fun, little announcement too?

(courtesy of holladay photo) 

(via shannamichelle photography)

And check out these color suggestions and tips from Deep Focus:

1. Make sure your outfits don’t disctract from your faces. You want your faces to be the focal point of the image. Choose tops that are solid and relatively free of embellishments. Prints and patterns are ok, but make sure they are subtle or small. For example, a patterned skirt looks great with a solid top, or a small gingham shirt looks great with a solid color pant.

2. Do not wear the exact same outfits! We’ve all seen the portraits of children whose parent’s dress them the same, and frankly, it’s quite humorous. Unless you’re going for the comic-effect, please refrain from being too ‘matchy matchy’. An exception to this would be if everyone wants to wear blue jeans, or khaki pants. If this is the case, make sure the tops do match exactly.

3. Complement each other without being identical. With the above statement about wearing the exact same outfit, wearing colors that are in the same color family is encouraged. If you want everyone to wear a blue top, have someone wear dark/midnight blue, someone else wear sky blue, someone else wear royal blue, etc. Having different shades in the same color family will make your portrait more interesting.

4. Reflect your personal style. You do not have to go out and purchase a new outfit for everyone before your portrait session. Match your outfits with the style and personality of your family. These are your portraits, and if you are wearing an outfit that you’d never wear otherwise wear or do not feel comfortable in, it will reflect in the final product.

5. Hair and makeup. This goes without saying that personal grooming is very important for your portraits. During the session the photographer will do their best to stay on top of things, but you know your family the best, and if something looks out of place, please don’t be shy to speak up. Make sure you do not try a new hair or makeup style for you portraits. Also, an overlooked grooming mistake is touching up nail polish. Teenagers often will paint their nails a bright or very noticable color, which is fine, what is not fine is when it is chipping away. Believe me, you do not want to get your portraits back and the first thing you notice is your daughter’s half painted lime green fingernails.

Still need a little assistance?  Just take a look at these color wheels and remember you are going for two hues on opposite sides of each other.  Then think greys, creams, or white for a neutral hue to balance things out.

Why not grab a hue from one of these hot shades of 2012, find it on one of the color wheels above, pick out a shade on the opposite side of the spectrum, and choose your favorite neutral!  Easy peasy!

Personally, I am all about grey as a neutral this season and love the look of layering-cool color as the cardigan, neutral shirt underneath and a pop of the warm color accessorized as a scarf, boot warmers, or necklace for mom, dad in the neutral colored shirt, and the kids in stripes or plaids with all three hues combined!  Have fun shopping and have a great week!! Photobucket

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