Thursday, October 11, 2012

Juneberry Home: Nursery Frames!

I am sneaking back to give you a quick peek at the nursery frames I just finished (all set to be filled with Juneberry Lane printable Nursery posters, of course:)  You can order these beauties from 'Cut it Out' Frames (it takes 4-6 weeks for them to arrive, so plan accordingly!

Here is how I spent my first afternoon of 'maternity leave' ha ha ha . . .

1.) They arrive in nice, smooth bare wood form so you can paint them easily with any color you choose (they come with backing but with no glass, I picked up 3 frames from the $ Tree in size 11 x 17 and am using the glass from these) . . .

2.) A couple coats of our nursery color scheme in Coral, Navy, & Grey . . .

3.) All ready to go!!

Can't wait to fill these with prints...and order a million more to frame photos throughout the whole house too:)  Happy Thursday! Photobucket

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