Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Ruffled Ice Cream Cones!!!

Remember that 'Ice Cream Social' Gender Reveal inspiration post we shared with you a few weeks back?  Well I am just all a-gog for these beautiful DIY ruffled Ice Cream cones and wanted to share with you a simple little tutorial from one of our favorite master party stylists, Icing Designs:)

First and foremost, get your pretty party invitations in our Juneberry Lane Etsy shop (they can be customized for whatever type of event you are throwing!) then check out the loveliness below to see how to whip up a few of these lovely sweet treats!


Supplies you will Need:
~ 2 1/2" styrofoam balls
~ 1 1/2 yards of lightweight cotton fabric
~ Sewing machine or needle and thread
~ Hot glue gun/glue
~ Glue
~ Scrapbook paper
~ Cone template (found HERE)
~ Polyester stuffing
~ Ribbon
~ Pins


1.) Cut fabric into strips about 44" long x 1.5 " wide using pinking shears. Sew down the middle of the strip, ruffling fabric as you go with sewing machine. You can also ruffle the fabric by hand if you do not have a sewing machine. Your finished ruffle should be 8" long. You could also use pre-ruffled fabric or ruffle trim if you do not want to make your own!

2.) Trace cone template onto your paper and cut out. Glue edges to make cone shape. I recommend not using hot glue for this step since you need a bit of extra time to get the edges together just right. Fill your cone with stuffing to help hold the shape.

3.) Cut a circle roughly 8" in diameter out of your fabric. Wrap the fabric around the ball and hot glue to bottom, gathering as you go. Do not worry about how the bottom looks, it will be hidden inside your cone.

4.) Place hot glue around inside edge of your cone and stick the covered styrofoam inside. Hot glue your ruffle around the top of the cone, twisting as you go around. Be sure to glue it to both the paper and the styrofoam ball. If you would like to hang the cones, cut ribbon to desired length and use a pin or hot glue to secure it to your ice cream!

That's it!  Ever-so-simple and a real party stunner!  And what's even better?  You can send each of your  little party guests home with one to hang in their rooms and enjoy the rest of the year through!!  


  1. Had seen this party shared on FB...and still can't over how absolutely charming it is! These ruffled cone decorations are just the cutest!

  2. Wow they are so beautiful!! I love them! Thanks for the great tutorial - I will sew them as soon as possible. dressmaking fabric