Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Lace Princess Crowns:)

Got a little princess in your life with a special day coming up?  Or heck, maybe you are just feeling like a princess yourself and are in the mood to throw a crown on and be royalty for a day.

Either way, this absolutely stunning little tutorial from Joyfolie (along with some gorgeous pictures, like the ones above and below, courtesy of girl. Inspired) is the perfect way to turn an ordinary afternoon into quite simply the dreamiest Once Upon a Time ever . . .


Supplies You Will Need:
Lace - 13-15" depending on desired size
~ Fabric stiffener or modge podge
~ Gold, bronze or silver acrylic paint or a paint pen
~ Wax paper
~ Paint brush
~ Glue gun
~ Any pretty extras you are after like fabric flowers or glittery bows:)


1.) Once you have your lace, cut it to 13"-15" inches depending on desired size.

2.) Next, take your strip(s) of lace and saturate them with fabric stiffener (you can buy a bottle of fabric stiffener for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby).  The fabric stiffener is easier to use than modge podge because it's thinner and doesn't glob up the lace like modge podge does. However, both yield good results. So, on a sheet of wax paper, saturate your lace with stiffener, and spread it around with your finger.

3.) After the lace has been saturated, blot off excess and allow to dry. You will need to repeat this 2-4 times, depending on how well the lace absorbs the stiffener.

4.) Once the lace has dried enough so it is no longer tacky, paint it the desired color.

5.) After the paint has dried, match up the pattern and glue the lace in a circle with the glue gun {or craft glue}. The crown will stiffen up quite a bit more, after it has had 24 hours to dry. That's all!!

(above three photographs courtesy of girl. Inspired)

Um, how completely gorgeous are those, not to mention that divine table of ruffle cakes lovely-ing up the background?!  Hope you have had a great start to your week . . . I am so happy to be back from vacation and onto bringing you more fabulous party inspiration!!

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