Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: A Bohemian Backyard Bash & Feathery-Fab Cocktail Sticks!!

Oooh, just in time for the warm weather, our friends at 100 Layer Cake have whipped up the most fantastic little Bohemian Backyard Party, complete with a lovely tutorial on how to make some retro-fab cocktail sticks too!

So what could be better for a Tutorial Tuesday than a bit of outdoor inspiration to get you all revved up for the long, balmy nights that lie ahead?  So tie up your locks with a vintage silk head scarf, throw on your favorite tunic & ankle length skirt, and kick back for a boho-casual beauty of a party . . .

Ahhh, see what a few Indian-block tapestries, a vintage rug, and a few poufs can do!  You can even make your own flower arrangements (stay tuned for a fun tutorial on this coming to Juneberry Lane soon!!)

Check out the tutorial for the drink stirrers below, and the yummy beverages are straight from this DESIGN SPONGE recipe . . . Cardamom Rose Cocktails!!

Fabulous Vendors:

Photography: Scott Clark Photo / Tabletop and rug rentals: Casa de Perrin / Moroccan poofs, blankets, and tea glasses: Imports from Marrakesh / Tree lanterns: Allsop Garden / Catering: Whoa Nelly! / Handmade textiles (we used for pillows and napkins): Nancy Straughan Textiles / Harissa favors: J & R Foods / Indian blankets and Feather-topped drink stirrers: 100 Layer Cake Boutique

And now for the tutorial . . .


***You can purchase a DIY kit to make these exact cocktail stirrers right here at 100 Layer Cake, or you can gather the supplies you'll need on your own. . .

Supplies You Will Need:
~ Scissors
~ Glue Gun
~ Assorted feathers in different colors & sizes
~ Bamboo skewers
~ Trim (ribbon, twine, or whatever suits your fancy:)


1.) Lay out your supplies for the first feather drink stirrer . . .

2.) Start with your biggest feather first and position it in the direction you like. Add a spot of hot glue, and then affix the feather to the top of the stirrer.

3.) Repeat with the second biggest feather and go on down the line until you have them all as you would like them . . .

4.) To add the trim, squeeze out a spot of glue along the lower part of the feather tips . . .

5.) Attach the trim and wind it up the stirrer until it covers the messy part of the feathers. You might want to add another spot of glue midway, if you think it’s necessary. Then one more spot of glue at the top to attach the end of the trim.

6.) Snip the remaining trim away from the stick, and voila! You can cut the stirrers down to size if you’d like them to match the height of your glasses. Or if you want to use these little beauties on a cake or cupcakes, leave the pointy end intact.

And there you have it!  A beautiful topper to your refreshing summer cocktail!!  Now if that doesn't get you inspired to Spring clean the house for the fun festivities ahead, I don't know what will!!! Photobucket

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