Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Picnic on a Boat . . .

So maybe you are wondering how to celebrate the engagement of a low-key couple who isn't into a big hoopla of an affair?  Sure, fancy cocktail parties and elegant dinners might be just the thing for some folks...but what if you are looking for something a bit more intimate and casual; you know, the kind of perfectly relaxed evening where you kick back with friends, feet in the grass and laughing, rather than squeezing your toes into your most glamorous high heels.

I am just loving the laid back romance of this 'Picnic on a Boat' Inspiration Shoot, brought to us by 100 Layer Cake  and designed & photographed  by The Simplifiers and she-n-he, this would make the loveliest celebration for a birthday party or an anniversary too, don't you think?

Who needs to haul a table along?  Just flip your boat around and you are all set!

Ahhh, floating lanterns.  It really doesn't get much more romantic than that . . .

So simple & sweet, right?  An unforgettable way to create a special celebration and just about perfect for all of the warm weather that lies ahead!! Photobucket

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